The Moving Tent

Moving from one place to another around Taiwan, the crew members of Haibizi witness the ups and downs of tent theatre as an art form and its intersection with Taiwan’s rapidly changing socio-cultural environment.

A truck drives into a square and a moveable tent is set up. Audience members enter and hear the faint voices from the cracks in society. As the tent becomes a convergence of the thoughts of those both on stage and off, we feel the power of resistance that the entire action entails. Tent theatre is theatre occurring in a temporary tent. It originated out of experimental theatre in post-war Japan in the 60’s. “It aims to bring those voices and memories that have been relegated to the bottom of the society into the tents.” Functioning both as observer and participant, the director documents the tent’s movements around Taiwan in the past decade.


Singing Chen: Director’s Q&A

Director Singing Chen will join our Taiwan Post-New Wave Cinema Project audience to answer questions on her featured works and share her perspective

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