Ears Switched off and on

Ears Switched off and on is an ongoing documentary project that commenced in 2008, following the life of three pioneering sound artists in Taiwan who continued to work against the current.

“You can close your eyes but never the ears.”

Ears Switched Off and On is an attempt to document the career and continuous struggles of independent sound artists who are seldom mentioned by the mainstream art circle, and to place them in the historical context of Taiwan’s sound art development. The documentary is centred on three artists: Dino, Wang Fu-jui, and Lin Chi-Wei, who have spearheaded the experimental sound art scene in Taiwan. This documentary, which is still an on-going project, delineates these pioneers who have been devoted to sound art since the 90s. This particular film is a 2011 edition.


Singing Chen: Director’s Q&A

Director Singing Chen will join our Taiwan Post-New Wave Cinema Project audience to answer questions on her featured works and share her perspective

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