Body Talk

A woman’s body is constantly scrutinised, disciplined and gazed upon. In this film, thirty women lead us into the diverse experience of female bodies and show us that our bodily experience is never a given.

Is this my body? Who am I? As the carrier of spirit and will, how does a woman’s body struggle, jostle, collide, and merge with all things other than themselves. The body seems to follow the mind as merely its shell or tool. However the body does possess memory. A tired body, an injured body, a sick body, a fat body, a visible or invisible body, a body nourishing life or a decaying and ageing body… Have you looked at your own body carefully? Everything about you is buried amongst the hair, deep in your skin, down in your viscera and bowels, or within those millions of nerves. No matter whether you have forgotten about them, your body still remembers. 

In this film we have interviewed up to thirty women, and all the interview clips interspersed throughout the film recessively discuss the “birth, ageing and illnesses” of the body during the course of life. Through their talks, we are led into the diverse female body experience. It is akin to secretive women’s talk emitting a feminine and flowing tone.


Singing Chen: Director’s Q&A

Director Singing Chen will join our Taiwan Post-New Wave Cinema Project audience to answer questions on her featured works and share her perspective

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