Singing Chen’s feature debut, Bundled centres on a homeless old man A-Ming, who becomes captivated by a video recording of a happy family on a camcorder he salvaged, and starts to believe that the family is his.

A-Ming, a homeless old man, has forgotten where he came from. When he finds a camcorder at a recycling depot, he becomes captivated by its tape of a happy family and tells everyone that the family in the video is his. Whippersnapper, a former prize-winning writer, now lives on the street and spends his days sleeping and dreaming, slowly losing his grip on reality. Journalist Wen-Ping is the only one who still remembers his glorious past and tries hard to bring him back to reality. Meanwhile, after interviewing A-Ming, she believes his story, and broadcasts the video during coverage of the homeless.

Bundled is Singing Chen’s directorial debut. Shot in a surreal style, it focuses on a group of marginalized wanderers with no identities, who inhabit the city’s dark corners. The only way they give meanings to their lives is through dreaming. Chen has characters talk in dreams or debate with each other to reflect the dialectics of reality and fantasy and explore the imaginarium of the homeless. Chen also infuses the film with various musical elements and has the characters convey their sense of loss and desire for belonging through singing.


Singing Chen: Director’s Q&A

Director Singing Chen will join our Taiwan Post-New Wave Cinema Project audience to answer questions on her featured works and share her perspective

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