Juliet’s Choice 該死的茱麗葉

Part of the triptych film Juliets, Hou Chi-Jan’s Juliet Choice is a reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s prototypical character Juliet that weaves the repressed historical memories of the martial law period in 1970s Taiwan into a classical tale of young passionate love.

In the 1970’s, computers were not yet invited and there’s still such a thing called censorship, Ju, a crippled girl who never fell in love, worked in an old-fashioned printing store and spent all her time with ink. The dreary routine kept her from longing for a better future and a romance. Sometimes she looked out of the window, fantasizing a completely different life in the bright outside world. One day a young man came to the store with banned articles in his hands. He wanted to publish a newspaper on social criticism and reform. Those issues were so sensitive that no printing stores would take such a risk. But the boy’s passion and idealism deeply moved Ju and she promised to help him in private. Ju’s promise filled the boy with joy. Looking at his radiant smiling face, Ju was willing to give up the whole world for the romantic feelings, no matter how transient, regardless of all the consequences.


Hou Chi-jan: Director’s Q&A

Closing the first series this special Q&A session will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the director

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