Green Island Serenade 小夜曲

A tribute to Green Island Serenade, arguably the first Mandarin pop ballad born and recorded in Taiwan, this short film captures the birth of a modern classic beloved by generations of Chinese-speaking communities around the world.

Taipei, 1954. The song, Green Island Serenade, was heard over the Tannoy in the park. The crowds listened in silence. As time moves on, the park, where people used to come for music, has become a meeting point for gay men at night. No more songs are heard over the Tannoy, but the melancholy melodies still echo in the lonely hearts of those young men lingering in the park. Although youth is gone and the singer has aged, the singing continues for over half of a century.


Hou Chi-jan: Director’s Q&A

Closing the first series this special Q&A session will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the director

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