Winds of September 九降風

Winds of September is a coming-of-age story set in 1996 Hsin-Chu, the windy city, where nine high school kids face the question of what friendship really means to them in a cruel world where there is no definition of right and wrong.

1996, during the time of the tragic baseball game-fixing scandal in Taiwan, the story follows Yen and Tang and their gang of friends through the last year of their high school life.

From chasing girls after school, midnight skinny dipping at the school pool to supporting their favourite baseball team, the China Times Eagles, they did everything together, with Yen being their leader.

One night, because of an accident and the carelessness of the other boys, Yen falls into a coma and everything starts falling apart. With guilt hovering over the other boys, conflicts surface, but Yen is not there to resolve them. Tang, not wanting to lose another friend, tries his best to become Yen, but to no avail, it only resulted in more aggression and hatred. Like the scandalous China Times Eagles’ final fate, their friendship ended, never to return.

On the day of graduation, Tang chooses not to attend the ceremony, but to fulfil the promise he made with Yen, which is to go down south together to seek out their Baseball hero. Upon reaching the baseball field, he finds the place empty. Empty as it is, Tang still finds the answer he came looking for…


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