Revenge of the Goat (Tung Shu-Yuan)

The destinies of four people and a goat are about to be changed in a fateful encounter.

A goat has a starring role in a film. The director believes it’s the film’s “spirit medium”. But production designer, Kong, and assistant, Wen, are struggling to get it to the hotel set on time. Across the city, a broke greengrocer strikes a secret deal with a casino owner to turn things around if he pulls the trigger in an assassination. As the rest of the film’s crew and the greengrocer converge on the hotel, confusion over a black briefcase will seal the destinies of everyone, all under the goat’s watchful eye. 

The film is the director’s graduation project. With natural performances, multiple storylines, and fast-paced suspense, it offers witty observations on filmmaking, the workplace and society all wrapped up in an enthralling dark comedy. The film adopts a magical visual style, as when events are seen through the goat’s eyes, while the film leaves an intriguing open ending to let the viewers’ imagination run wild.


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