Babes’ Not Alone (Lee Yi-Shan)

A teenage girl embarks on an eccentric journey to return her baby nephew to his father.

On Liang’s 18th birthday, she is unable to celebrate with her boyfriend because she has to babysit her irresponsible brother’s baby. Refusing to lose her adolescence through a responsibility that shouldn’t be hers, Liang sets out on a “mission to reclaim youth” as she tries to return this crying bundle of joy to her brother. 

The director tells an extraordinary coming-of-age story with a unique feminine perspective. 

Through the girl’s day-long journey with a baby, we follow a teenager who is left without choice and can only resort to her instincts to set things right when her family do her dirty. The film’s comic moments are richly-flavoured with Taiwanese local culture and campy humour, such as a granny sitting at a breakfast table who can only eat when someone brings her dentures. At the same time, through keen observation, the director vividly and earnestly portrays her characters.


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