Love Go Go

A comedy of errors turns into a heartwarming quest for love. Punctuated by bungles and mishaps, this delightful film spins several love tales involving some quirky inhabitants of contemporary Taipei who encounter love in the most awkward ways possible.

  1. Ah-Sheng is a baker. Homely and awkward, the only bright spot in his dull life is nervously observing Li-Hua, once his best friend in elementary school, now a beautiful young woman who buys lemon pies at his bakery everyday but doesn’t recognize him. He is tormented over whether and how to let her know that even after she mysteriously disappeared one day when they were young, he has never forgotten her and her friendship. He finally decides to participate in a televised singing competition to give the performance of his life.
  2. Fat Sis is a typist whose head is filled with gossip and shopping. One day she finds a beeper and takes it home. Consumed with curiosity, she finally calls the person who keeps paging her and discovers a sexy male voice at the other end. Much telephone flirtation follows until the male voice insists on meeting in person, subjecting a frantic Fat Sis to two weeks of weight-loss hell. The day arrives, and clad in her best and brightest, she waits expectantly for her knight in shining armor.
  3. Ah-Sung is a reluctant door-to-door salesman. Young and insecure, he goes to Li-Hua’s beauty salon to sell his wares and ends up getting a haircut because he is too tongue-tied to start his sales pitch. Suddenly, a crazed customer attacks Li-Hua, intent on killing her for having an affair with her husband. Ah-Sung saves the day, and he and Li-Hua escape up to the roof, where they end up spending a wordless afternoon together, two strangers taking comfort in their mutual isolation.

This is a movie about the heartbreak and humour of falling in love and the general chaos that hits our lives when we do, regardless of age, beauty or waistline.


Chen Yu-hsun: Director’s Q&A

Director Chen Yu-hsun will join our Taiwan Post-New Wave Cinema Project audience to answer questions on his featured works and share his perspective

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