Orz Boyz!

Two best friends, known simply as Liar no.1 and 2 in school for their countless pranks, have vowed to reach a perfect world together where they can find happiness and adulthood.

More than just naughty, they play tricks on classmates, tease girls at school, fight with other boys, and lie to everyone until their teacher breaks down. They are named Liar No. 1 and Liar No. 2.

“You have to stay after school to repair the books in the library” This is the punishment from their teacher, but it turns out to be one of the best things that happened to them. They read almost all the books in the library. No. 1 becomes a wonderful storyteller, and No. 2 is his best audience member. They sail through the stories hand in hand, away from the pain and bitterness from the real world.

Together, the pair goes after the prettiest girl in the school, while accidentally revealing the sadness behind her smile; they play a trick on No. 2’s grandmother, tip over bottles of tears and create a loving disaster. 

The most important act planned in their life is to go to the mysterious water park, where they can leap through the portal at the end of the waterslide to the fairy-tale world and live as grown-ups happily ever after. However, the commitment is torn by a careless betrayal. The incident leads the two to parting paths. No. 2 now can only wait on top of the waterslides, until the day the curse of separation is lifted.


Yang Ya-che: Director’s Q&A

Director Yang Ya-che will join our Taiwan Post-New Wave Cinema Project audience to answer questions on his featured works and share his perspective

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